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Lesson Offerings

The United Nations International School offers private lessons for UNIS students enrolled in J1-T4. Students from M2-T4 who are registered for band or orchestra classes are required to take private lessons to accompany the class. We feel that one-on-one instruction is essential to have a well-rounded musical education. Please note that availability may be limited for students who want to enroll in private lessons mid-year.

UNIS private lessons are offered on the following instruments: Piano (classical and jazz), voice, guitar, violin, cello, bass, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet, french horn, trombone, and euphonium.

The following rates are applied to UNIS private lessons. Private lessons are billed to each student account at the beginning of the semester. All accounts are automatically charged for 15 lessons. Please see "our policies" for more information:

  • 30 Minute Private Lessons: $54.00 per lesson/$810 will appear on your UNIS bill
  • 40 Minute Private Lessons: $67.00 per lesson/$1,005 will appear on your UNIS bill
  • 40 Minute Paired Lessons: $43.00 per lesson/ $645 will appear on your UNIS bill (pairings are at the teacher’s discretion and are not for piano students)
  • 60 Minute Private Lessons: $90.00 per lesson/$1,350 will appear on your UNIS bill