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Our Policies



  • Billing occurs twice a year, once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester. It is processed through your student’s UNIS account.

  • Each student is required to pay a $50 registration fee, and a recital fee at the cost of one private lesson. All Manhattan students are expected to perform in spring studio recitals at the cost of an additional lesson fee. All Queens students are expected to perform in two recitals, at the cost of an additional lesson.

  • Families are billed for 15 music lessons each semester. If a student receives more than 15 lessons, the family will be charged accordingly at the end of the semester. If a student completes less than 15 lessons, you will be refunded according to our attendance policy.

  • Private lessons do not take place on days when school is not in session. Students are granted excused absences for school mandatory events/camps that take place outside of school that apply to them.

  • Billing adjustments will happen only at the end of each semester. This will include refunds and additional lesson charges.

  • Lesson fees do not include instrument rentals, printed music, reeds, strings, or any other accessories that may be required for your private lessons.


  • Private Lessons are a serious full-year commitment.

  • Attendance is required for every lesson. The teacher has reserved a time slot and room for your student for the entire year.

  • Excused absences are only school mandatory events, such as camps.

  • Extra-curricular activities (i.e. sports, clubs, school theater productions, regular doctor appointments etc.) are NOT considered excused absences warranting credit. Please consider this when creating a lesson schedule with your teacher.

  • Missed lessons are not refunded except in the case of a teacher absence (that is not made up,) or an excused absence.

  • If your student has a lesson during lunch, they are responsible for letting their teacher know about any field trip or school related conflicts. The teacher will not be informed otherwise.

Extra-Curricular Conflicts (Sports, Theater, Clubs etc.)

  • If your student is planning to participate in the school musical/theater productions, please make sure to inform the teacher as soon as possible. The productions already have a schedule planned. Do not plan to have lessons on the same day as rehearsals.

  • If your student is planning to participate in the athletics program here at UNIS, they have already printed their schedule for the year. You must inform your private lesson teacher of any games or potential conflicts in advance.

  • Missed lessons are not refunded for extra-curricular activity conflicts.

  • Please schedule your lessons carefully to ensure that your student can attend.

  • You may reschedule lessons at the beginning of each semester for any absences that you are aware of in advance.

Student Illness or Injury

Emergencies and extreme injury that keeps your student from playing their instrument will be considered for excused absences. Other illness is not considered an excused absence unless the teacher can fill that lesson slot with another student.

24- Hour Notice

  • If your student will be missing lessons in any capacity, we ask that you please communicate with your teacher and the private lesson coordinator at least 24-hours in advance.

  • This advance notice does not mean that you will be refunded for the missed lesson.

  • Make-ups are not required for our Teaching Artists. They will offer make-ups as their professional schedule allows.


After four lessons, no refund will be offered for the semester, and you will be held responsible for the rest of the scheduled lessons. If you wish to discontinue after the first semester, please give two weeks notice before the second semester so as not to be billed, and to allow other students to be scheduled.